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Sunday Service Times

9 AM Worship - 919 Grand

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10:30AM - The Junction

  Harbor of Hope Room

 Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What time are the worship services?

A.  Worship at 919 Grand Ave. begins at 9:00 on Sunday mornings (though many people don’t find their seats until 9:10, it really does start at 9:00).  Worship at 919 Grand is followed Harbor Beach and Kingdom Kids programs for pre-school through elementary, as well as classes for middle school, high school and adults.

Worship at the Junction (23 E. 7th St) begins at 10:30 on Sunday mornings.  Come early for a light breakfast and stay after for a full lunch.

Q.  Why two locations?

Hope Church has joined with a growing number of churches across the nation that are finding that God has called us to fulfill His mission for us by offering multiple worship services in more than one location.  While the worship services at 919 Grand and the Junction have a different setting and feel, they both have similar teaching schedules.  We are truly one church in two locations, with a shared vision, budget and leadership board.

Q.  What is the worship service like at 919 Grand?

We meet in the sanctuary, with pews spaced in a semi-circle around an open platform.  Worship services are upbeat with a praise team accompanied by piano, drums, and guitars.  We sing the newest worship songs as well as classic hymns.  We use video, drama, special music, prayers, and a Bible-based sermon to bring God’s Word to life for you.

Q.  What is the worship service like at the Junction?

We meet in a large, open room and sit as families around round tables.  Music is led by a praise band and features primarily new worship songs.  The teaching time involves interaction between audience members and the teacher, and we have an extended prayer time where individual prayer requests are brought before God.

Q.  Is there a dress code?

You will see a wide variety of dress at both worship services.  Some people like the opportunity to wear their “Sunday best” while others see Sunday as an opportunity to “dress down.”  In all cases, we want people to wear the clothes they are comfortable with, and we do not judge people by their clothes.

Q.  Can we really bring coffee into the worship service?

You bet!  We believe in the value of fellowship, and lots of people find it easier to visit over a cup of coffee.  So we brew quality coffee before and after our worship services and encourage you to have a cup or two.  If you aren’t finished when the service starts, don’t worry about it—just put a lid on it and take it in with you.